National Parks Week in NYC


From Cool Mom Picks:

Presenting National Parks Week NYC. (Yes, NYC has national parks.)

When you think of taking the kids to see the National Parks, you don't exactly think of it as something you can do on a Saturday morning before you go pick up the dry cleaning.

NPCA Park Ranger

Which is why it's so cool that tomorrow is the start of National Parks Week NYC, filled with events to help you introduce their kids to some of the coolest--if underrated--things there are to see and do right at home.

Check out the schedule at for a list of awesome range of events including an evening tour of Liberty Island, a coastal clean-up in Brooklyn, "Nature's Air Show" at the Bronx Zoo (hawks! eagles!) and a talk at the Brooklyn Children's Museum about bears from a real Yosemite ranger.

The highlight of the week is easily the huge live show in Central Park Wednesday evening to launch the new National Parks documentary by Ken Burns. Wave to the PBS cameras while you're there.

We also love the September 26 Family Day event at the African Burial Ground National Monument down near Wall Street. But if you can't make to the event, make sure to hit the monument another time for one of those experiences you'll never forget. Especially if you get Ranger Doug as your guide. He's one of New York's most underrated treasures too.

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