Heelys Test Spin

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At the risk of my limbs, I tested out the adult-sized Heelys last week. I slipped on the Heelys - Chazz and went for a spin around the apartment. Yes it was fun, but also scary and I don't think I'd ever get proficient enough to ever get a workout.

Before attempting this on your own, I suggest you head to www.heelys.com/SitePages/FootwearTricktionary.aspx for a "How to Skate Video." Tip: It's not like walking.

Heelys are sneakers with a built-in roller wheel. The wheel can be slipped into a special slot on the shoe's heel (tool required to set this up). The shoes were mighty comfortable and I thought the purple was cute. But a skater, I am not I was like a scared cat on slick ice--you get the picture. The wheels can be popped in or out (thank goodnesss) so Heelys can be regular sneaks or a cool set of wheels depending on your whim.

And for all the ice skaters and hockey players out there you just might love this shoe. For everyone else, I think this trend is best left to the young and the coordinated. Here are a few pairs to check out for the kiddos:

Heelys - No Bones Lo Peace Love (Toddler/Youth) ($59.99)

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Heelys - Brooklyn II Lo (Toddler/Youth) ($47.95) - Footwear

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get a pair to take for a test spin.

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