Summer Fun Before School Starts

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Here's what we plan to do for the last four weeks of summer (before preschool starts up again):

  1. Visit the Bronx Zoo (Kleenex Battle the Bug Event at the Bronx Zoo on Friday--Thanks to TheMotherhood!'?)
  2. Head to Maryland for more pool time at the grandparent's house
  3. Take the Staten Island Ferry (free!)
  4. Visit one of the water playgrounds in lower Manhattan
  5. Master theMicro G-Bike (older daughter) and Mini Micro Scooter(younger daughter)
  6. See a minor league baseball game
  7. Watch fireflies in the country
  8. Find a farm to pick fruit
  9. Continue sleeping late!

What's on your list?

When it comes to rainy day diversions, we still haven't grown tired of our Hasbro Elefun game. We got this toy at the beginning of summer at a Hasbro circus event. My older girl thought this game was better than the real circus acts. I'm not big on battery-operated toys, but this one has staying power. Turn the game on and fabricbutterflies shoot out of the elephants trunk. The kids scamper around trying to catch the butterflies in nets. It' is a riot and even my 18 month old joins in the fun. It can be played indoors or out and accommodates up to four kids. I play on my knees to make it more fun (plus I had an unfair heightadvantage).

My daughter's best friend is a little boy in our building. For his visits, I get out the 'Pirates' 2-in-1 Match Up Memory Game & Floor Puzzle its a puzzle and a game all in one and easy entertainment for the two kids. NO batteries required! Love those gorgeous toys from Peaceable Kingdom.

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