Gardening with Elmo

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Do you have a green thumb? Well, Spring is the perfect time to teach your little one about gardening. With Sesame Street's new garden kits (which come in many different characters: we like Elmo) you can show your kids the basics when it comes to taking care of plants.
Each kit comes complete with shovel, spade, and rake-- explaining the difference in each tool. You're also provided with soil, planters pots, stickers, stakes, and seeds. Check out how simple it is to grow wonderful plants while living in the city.

Having a little helper can make gardening extra fun, but most tools used for planting aren't made for little hands. Luckily Sesame Street has come up with several character-themed kits that come with everything you need to grow a full garden. Elmo's garden bag includes Sunflower seeds, Garden Beans, and Tomatoes.

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First, you soak a soil pellet in some water. Then you place the softened soil into the planters pot-- pop in 3 seeds of your choice and make sure it gets some sun.
You may want to get a flower box or terra pot so that you can keep your budding plants safe and tidy. (The planters pots are meant to be put into the ground, however you can still grow your seeds indoors).

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You can let your child choose what they want to plant and talk about how seeds grow. They will love to hear about how a tiny seed changes into a great plant and even into something they can eat!

Sesame Street Gardening Kits are available exclusively at Lowes. These products are currently on sale:
'?¢ Seed Packets '?? $1.99
'?¢ My First Mini Greenhouse '?? $4.99
'?¢ My First Mini Garden '?? $5.99
'?¢ My First Gardening Kit (tote) '?? $10.99

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