10 Frugal Family Outdoor Activities


My new friend Kathleen Baker helped me put together a list of free or nearly free activities for you and your family to enjoy outdoors.

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  1. Park: Neighborhood parks can prove to be a welcome source of entertainment for children for hours. With a multitude of equipment and often plenty of shade, a trip to the park can be a daily event. Liven up your trip by bringing 4" water balloonsand a bucket of sidewalk chalk.
  2. Pools:Neighborhood pools and small city pools can be a welcomed source of refreshment after a hot summer morning. Almost every pool contains certified lifeguards to keep kids safe in the water. Don't forget a good lock for your belongings, sunscreen and Swim Diapers.
  3. Lemonade Stand: Mix up a batch of refreshing lemonade in your house and have the kids decorate a stand for the front yard or stoop. Split the income 50-50--half to spend half to save. advertise with chalk arrows around the neighborhood.
  4. Outdoor Sports: For older kids, team sports like soccer and volleyball can prove to be a good social outlet and a way to burn up some energy. Younger kids can enjoy pickup games of soccer, kickball and basketball. Keep a bag by the front door with an assortment of balls like this 7" Solar System Playground Ball from Crocodile Creek.
  5. Biking Trails: Biking around the city can be a perfect outing for the family. Momtrends loves the Burley SOLO Bicycle Trailerfor the smaller members who can't pedal yet.
  6. Wildlife Preserves: Unlike zoos, preserves are about the unexpected. Pack a picnic, binoculars and bird guide, such as The Backyard Birdsong Guide and you'll be in for a fun afternoon, especially with younger children. To keep critters and bugs at bay, Momtrends likes Cactus Juice Sun & Skin Outdoor Protectant with SPF 20.
  7. Beach/Lake: Natural bodies of water are a welcomed break from the heat. Building sandcastles and jumping into icy water is an integral part of childhood that should not be left out of any summer. Don't forget the sand toys (Get excited for a contest to be announced later today!)
  8. Strawberry Picking: This pastime has been around for decades and has recently picked up again. Dream up a new recipe for those tasty berries and have the kids help cook back at home.
  9. Outdoor Games: There are a variety of outdoor children'??s games to play, from Red Rover to Hide and Seek. Discovering new games can be a fun way to grow closer as a family. For rules and regulations go here.
  10. Dog Walking: The dog has to be walked, so why not make it a fun activity? Kids typically are the dog'??s biggest fans, and as long as they are supervised, many younger children love the increased responsibility of taking care of the dog. And who knows...it may lead to a small business opportunity for your kids in the future.

You can read more of Kathleen's 100 Fun, Healthy and (Mostly) Free Family Activities on here site UltrasoundTechnicianSchoool.org

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