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Our pets...fluffy little friends...our "fur-babies"...It's clear that we love our pets. I mean, who could resist this face? Last year we spent over $60 billion dollars on them which is more than we spent on ourselves at the salon. It's pretty clear that we care about our pets and want to treat them with the love and respect that they deserve. While I myself don't have a dog, I get to take part in all the fun of having one at the office.

Our "office dog" Mia gets showered with love and attention while she's here---and I don't even have to pick up her poop. I love taking little field trips to Petco to find all sorts of fun things to spoil her with. Here are some of my favorites:

KONG Tugger Knots Frog Dog Tug Toy (On sale for $8.99!)
This fun little guy is soft without too much stuffing. I love that it has multiple places for Mia to grab onto and chew. She can play alone in her little dog world or engage me in a tug-of-war. I also don't have to worry about any stuffing coming out were she to rip Mister Froggy to shreds.

kong tugger dog toy best toys for dogs

Well & Good Black Combo Pin and Bristle Dog Brush (On sale for $9.74!)

I love giving Mia a nice comb through. Her fur is so fluffy and soft (and we'd like it to stay that way) and this brush is the perfect tool. It helps to keep her looking good while evenly distributing the natural oils in her coat. 

best brush for dogs

Air KONG Squeaker Tennis Ball ($1.59)
We love getting out and about (when we can) and when we do, it's great to give Mia a chance to run and fetch. She loves this Squeaker Tennis Ball and we do too since the material won't wear down her teeth and has a fun little squeaker inside. 

tennis ball cute dog

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