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4 Must-Haves For Your Next Picnic

School is out, the weather is warm, and the sun doesn't set until late which means picnic season is here! Whether it's an alfresco dinner with friends or an impromptu lunch at the park with the family, here are four of our favorite must-have picnic accessories for your next summer picnic.

Must-Haves for your Next

1. The perfect picnic blanket

Picnic blanket

A great picnic blanket is key for setting the stage for your outdoor eating sesh. I want a blanket that is large enough to handle the food and guests, soft enough for lounging, and washable for the inevitable strawberry stains or wine spills. Lately, I've been eyeing these gorgeous Turkish towels (shown). First, the print - swoon! And I love that they are lightweight, roll up compactly and are versatile - you can use this towel for a picnic, yoga session, beach towel, even as a sarong! I also like this fold up JJ Cole blanket for picnics or playdate, this pocket-size picnic blanket that you can keep in your purse, or for something a bit different, a cute circular boho-chic blanket.

2. A cute picnic basket

picnic basket

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True, you could just pack your food in any old reusable bag you have, but there's something about a picnic basket that makes the whole thing a bit cuter, a bit more special, and who are we kidding, look better in that Instagram pic you know you're going to take! You could opt for an all-in-one picnic basket kit like this affordable one from VonShef that comes with your plates, silverware and cups for four, a blanket and plenty of extra space so you're always picnic-ready. Or an insulated picnic basket (shown) that has plenty of room for a family picnic but folds flat when you don't need it. There's also something about this PicnicTime basket with a removable lid that is so smart - a make-shift cutting board or flat surface to keep food upright.

3. Picnic-ready stemware

Skip the red Solo cups. Picnics are better when your beverages are in picnic-friendly, but still sophisticated stemware. I love these real glass, silicone-protected stemless wine glasses (shown) from Life Factory which we use for picnics and camping though these shatter-proof plastic ones are also an affordable option that is a step up from the Solo cup. If you're packing your real stemware or using a picnic basket that comes with lightweight ones, check out these wine glass holders that you stick in the grass to keep your cup upright and free from curious ants.

Picnic glasses

4. Fun & Games

picnic bocce

Yes, the food is key at a picnic, but so is a little entertainment for family and friends. I love this portable bocce set with four different colors so more people can play. Grass, sand, mulch or dirt - bocce is fun for kids and adults alike. Other fun portable picnic games are this fold-up ring toss game or lawn darts. Another simple option - a couple of frisbees. This one from Aerobie is easy to catch and flies ridiculously far - like football field far.

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