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Tips for Writing a Book

the writing process

I've got a book in the works called #MomBoss! My first draft is due to my editors on June 3rd and I am in heavy-duty writing mode right now. To get my thoughts and life organized I'm relying on writing everything down. Even though I'm on deadline, I've still got a family to love and a business to run.

It's an incredibly exciting time right now. I feel like I'm launching a new business and I'm so energized by all the interviews and moms I'm meeting in the process of writing this book.

Let me back up...what the heck is the book about?!?!

#MomBoss is a book for women who are ready to take a break from the strictures of corporate life to create a career that works with family. Mom Bosses define success not just in dollars but in personal fulfillment and freedom. I'm interviewing moms who founded million-dollar brands with dozens of employees and moms who run small home-based businesses. I can't wait to share these inspiring stories!

getting organized

And there's more. There are tips on how to create your own brand and business. I'm going to help you build an amazing career that will also allow you to remaining intimately involved in family, church, PTA and friendships. The things that also matter.

Mom Bosses know that the no one is going to deliver the perfect job on a platter: a Mom Boss doesn’t ask for permission. She writes her own story. The release date is 9/13/16 and the book will be published by Mango Press (both in print and ebook).

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Now that I've spilled the beans, be sure to keep up with me on this journey. Click here to sign up for the #MomBoss Newsletter. I'll be sharing inspirational stories and giving you scoop on book events (once we get there!).

And this is all fantastic. To have an idea, an editor and a contract. It's really exciting. But here's the thing, I've got to dig in and do the work. How am I doing it? One chapter at a time and with a ton of Post-it® Brand Notes. I'm outlining chapters on my office wall with with colorful Post-It Notes, tabbing my notebooks (oh, so many notebooks), with interview dates and details with the Post-it Flags. Staying organized is everything! I'm using the original size 3x3 notes from the Post-it® Brand World of Color collections (inspired by the style and cultures of nine exotic destinations around the world) to outline my chapters.

Check out my supply drawer:

post it tools for writing

I'm halfway done with the first draft and still humming along. Thanks to my family and Momtrends team everyone is giving me encouragement and ideas. I feel truly blessed to be writing this book and share what I've learned in the past 10 years of running an online business and 20+ years of my worklife.

A huge thanks to Post-It Brand® for sending me all the goodies I need to stay on task. Did you know that Post-it Brand is celebrating 35th years? I know, I know, how is that possible! The boom box, Kodak digital camera, and the Sony Walkman were all invented within the same decade as the Post-it Note. Look what's still around. The clever paper products designed to grab our attention. As the Post-it Brand celebrates its 35th anniversary, we are celebrating the iconic Post-it Note, as the simple reminder never goes out of style, as well as the assortment of organization and communication solutions the brand has introduced to us over the years.

Over the last 35 years, the Post-it® Brand has helped great ideas take shape starting with a simple, practical reminder. Since the introduction of the original canary yellow 3 x 3 Post-it® Note in 1980, the Post-it® Brand has evolved into an assortment of products that transform lives by making communication and organization fast, friendly and easy. And of course, this brand is an essential tool for authors!

Wish me luck as I head into the second half of this writing marathon!

This is not a sponsored post. Post-it brand did send me samples to help me along with the writing process.

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