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The Housecleaning Experience

If you’re anything like this busy mama, you don’t have a ton of extra time on your hands. And I’m sure cleaning isn’t exactly your favorite thing to devote any of that time to...Am I right? Haha! Well, I have the perfect solution for you. With the housekeeping service, you can schedule a budget friendly session with a home cleaner in no time flat...Seriously! We tried the cleaning service out ourselves and were thrilled with the results!


To get started, you simply head over to and enter in your house specificis...You tell them the size of your home (i.e. how many bedrooms and bathrooms etc.) and they then recommend how long of a service you should get. Next, you select the date and time you prefer and you’re on the way to a squeaky clean abode courtesy of a fully vetted cleaning professional.


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Not only have they had a background check, but they have years of experience under their belt. On our cleaning day, our lovely house cleaner arrived right on time and asked to do a walk through to discuss our expectations. We were pleased at first glance because she only had Method or Seventh Generation cleaning products with her. We try to stick to organic products in our house, so it was already a great fit. After we talked about our needs, she got to work and spent 3.5 hours doing a very detailed cleaning job. We especially loved that since there was a sleeping child in the house, she made a special effort to be quiet and work around him. You can’t beat that level of professionalism!


I urge you to book your own housekeeping service stat. They’re available in over 28 cities in North America and the UK, so there’s a good bet you’ll have one in your area. Save those precious minutes of yours for something more fun like spending quality time with your kiddos. Summer magic is fleeting after all! It will be back to school time before we know it and we want to head back with plenty of beautiful summer memories!

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