Summer Fun CAN Be Messy


When it comes to messes and stains, I can be a bit fastidious, but I’ve made a conscious effort this summer to really let go of the angst that comes along with my kiddos making messes. They have so much more fun if I’m not stressing about them staining their clothes. In the grand scheme of things, a stain is SO not a big deal, especially if you have tried and true products that you know you can turn to like the Clorox2 Stain Fighter Pen and Clorox Bleach Pen. Whether I need to pre-treat a stain on colors or whites, these pens are lifesavers!


My daughter is a dainty little lady one moment and a rough and tumble three year old the next. She’s as girly as they come, but she gets dirty with the best of them. Haha! She loves playing outside and her clothes are evidence of just how much fun she has out there. I’m talking stains galore! But I don’t have to worry because, thanks to Clorox, I know I can take care of those stains once she’s done with play time. Summer fun CAN be messy. We need to let our kids be kids and making a big deal over silly things like stains can get in the way of the summer fun wee ones deserve! And us parents deserve to really be in the moment with our kids, enjoying every second we have to spend with them. Childhood is ridiculously fleeting and, I for one, want to make precious memories with my babies that we will always carry with us!


I love how the new Pixar/Disney film, Inside Out, is broaching the subject of emotions and how they take us through life. Ever since I made the decision to set aside the unpleasant emotions that came with messes and focus on the joy of the moment, life has been so much better! Anger, disgust, fear and sadness are emotions that we all experience,and that’s ok, but they don’t necessarily need to be connected to messes!


And speaking of Inside Out, Clorox and Disney are giving a lucky family the chance to visit San Francisco, as well as a shopping spree at the Disney Store! Two first prize winners will take home prize packs with Clorox coupons and Inside Out products! Find out more HERE. And to find out which Inside Out character you're must like, head HERE!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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