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Puppies: The Best Kind of Life's Messes

Momtrends has a new employee – and he’s pretty cute! Meet Bruce. When he’s not taking long walks or playing with his friends, he is on assignment – hunting down the latest trends for dogs. Truth be told, he’s not really our dog, but we can pretend, right? And boy do we. We love dog sitting for my brother’s dog. He makes everything a whole lot more fun and, surprisingly, the whining seems to melt away! Win-win!


My kids have been begging me for a dog for years now. We’ve talked to them a lot about what’s involved, but unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to really know how much of a commitment it is. Especially when all your 8 year old sees is furry cuteness…

Just like toddlers, puppies love to make a lot of messes. Whether it’s accidents in the house, mealtime messiness or dirty paws, there is always something to clean up. Luckily, Bounty can come to the rescue. Bounty is 2x more absorbent than other paper towel brands. That means you can tackle even more messes with just 1 roll. And for us, that means we are back to playing with our puppy friend quicker than before. Because let’s face it, everyone loves playing with a puppy!

Bounty Pet Event

To help us learn more about puppies and what to expect, Bruce and the Momtrends team headed to a special event at PetSmart. International Pet Expert, Charlotte Reed was there to give us puppy owners her top tips and tricks. And I decided to bring my son along too. He was there to meet the other puppies and hear expert tips from Charlotte first-hand.


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Some of our favorite tips? Use a Bounty paper towel as a placemat for your dog’s water and food bowls. This is genius. Bruce loves to shove his whole face into the water bowl, but then water drips all over the place. Having Bounty there, keeps me from having to clean the floor. YES! And then, you can use the same Bounty towel to wipe their face clean after mealtime.


Another tip...Be sure to find an out-of-the-way spot to feed your puppy to prevent distractions. We wondered why Bruce wasn’t eating his breakfast. But, after hearing this tip from Charlotte, we realized that putting his bowl right in the middle of our kitchen mayhem wasn’t helping.

We also asked Charlotte how to battle the dirty paws from NYC streets and she told us to make sure to have a spray bottle with warm water and Bounty by the door. That way you can rinse offthe puppy’s paws after coming in from your walks. On really snowy or rainy days, she suggested running a bath just a few inches deep (to cover their paws) to make sure all the salt and grit gets removed. Who wants that on their couch? Not me!


Thanks to Charlotte Reed and Bounty, we are ready to tackle our own puppy messes!

Hopefully, when our puppy is finally here, a Mini-Sheepadoodle coming March 2016, she’ll get a job at Momtrends too. I mean, she’s pretty cute, don’t you think? Don’t worry Bruce, you will always be our favorite trend tracker.


DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own. Thank you Bounty, Charlotte Reed and PetSmart for such a fun event!

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