Organize Your Life and Your Nursery with everSTIK by UM!


After my son was born, I began to have trouble keeping track of my keys.

When my daughter was born, I added my cellphone to the list.

And, you wonder why can't I ever find a pen?

UM! Brands has created a line of hooks, sticky pads and jotters that solve just that problem. Using everSTIK, with something called "nano-suction adhesive," the little pads can stick to any surface and hold a whole bunch of weight...and then can be removed and reapplied to any new surface forever and ever (though I clearly didn't test the last premise.)

These nano-technological domestic warriors come in a three lines--Stick UM! (sticky pads on which you can stick things so that you don't lose them), Hook UM! (wall hooks so that you can hang things so that you don't lose them) and Note UM! (dry erase squares on which you can jot information that you don't want to lose.)

I put both a Stick UM! and Note UM! on the side of my kitchen cabinet...figuring that I would be able to stick additional dry erase markers right near my notepad.


I thought I'd try some other stuff first. I put my iPhone on for a moment, but that seemed pretty risky and a little heavy, so I took it off right away. Then I stuck up a box cutter, which I promptly forgot about and left up there overnight stuck! (Phew. My husband totally let me have it about that one.)

New Mom Nursery Hack: Reusable white boards are not just good for jotting down grocery lists and phone messages. I wish I had had one of these sticky white boards on the wall of each of my kids rooms when they were still in that newborn cycle of feeding-pooping-sleeping. What an amazing way to either keep track of the baby's schedule or leave notes to your partner or caregiver--right on your nursery wall!

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