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If you're still using a paper calendar, I applaud your nostalgia, but it's time to update. Today's online and calendar apps help moms juggle the sports practices with work appointments, figure out when you and husband can ft in a date night, and make you feel all on-top-of-it when you arrive at the dentist on time (and the right day), have a gift ready for that birthday party on Saturday, and remember to call your in-laws on their anniversary. Here are some of our favorite secret weapons to help you look amazingly organized - even if your life is a whirlwind.

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1. Cozi - (online, app / FREE) This popular family organizer combines all kinds of things you need to remember in one website and app. Cozi includes a color-coded calendar where you can set reminders to be sent to anyone in your family for upcoming appointments or to-dos, email weekly agendas, and easily share schedules with babysitters or grandparents. Cozi also integrates shopping lists for as many stores as you visit, lets others add items to the list (or buy them) and lets you easily add ingredients from recipes stored in your Cozi Meals menu box. There is also a to-do list, meal planner and family journal. Now if only it would cook dinner too...

best online calendars for parents

2. Fantastical 2 - (app, online / limited time sale $1.99) Fantastical 2 was recently recommended to me and I may be converting. It combines a calendar with reminders and to-do lists. One of Fantastical's highlights is its ability to let you add events and tasks using simple, normal language. Say or type "Lunch with Sheri at 2pm Thursday at Cafe Moma" or "Soccer practice 4-5pm every Thursday" or "Remind me to get milk at 5pm" and an event or reminder is created. You can even send birthday wishes via text, Facebook, Twitter, or email from the app or call, email or text invites to colleagues for a meeting. Plus you can create "geo-fences" for your to-dos so that a reminder to pick up your dry cleaning goes off when you leave work. Brilliant.

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3. Sunrise - This app integrates with other online calendars making them prettier on your phone and adding some other useful features.Sunrise (free) lets you add events quicker, integrates your Facebook events and birthdays into your calendar, and shows you weather and driving directions to your next appointment. Plus, its cheerful design will make you dread a little less looking at that list of errands.

4. Mynd - The home screen of Mynd (free) shows you the current weather, time and your next scheduled event. It will send you a reminder for when you need to leave to make it to your next appointment (love it) and track the number of miles you've traveled in a day. Two of my favorite features are that it shows you how many events are left in your day (yeah for counting down!) and the time it will take to get to your home from wherever you are - invaluable when you realize you need to swing by home to pick up your kid's soccer cleats before practice or baby's favorite binkie to make it through the next two errands.

best calendar apps for parents

best calendar apps for parents

What's your favorite calendar app to stay on top of your life?

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