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In the past four weeks I've brought my 3 y.o. to 1-2-3-4 birthday parties. Yes, that's 4 cards to buy, 4 packages to wrap and 4 gifts to shop for. It adds up. Women are busier than ever balancing family and work. Throw a new baby or kids in the mix and whatever delicate balance you'd achieved is likely to go out the window. to the rescue.

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Moms know the key to managing a family is staying organized and planning ahead. One of my time-saving solutions is to keep a stash of birthday gifts in a special closet (I buy in multiples to save time and money) and I never run out of party packs ($39.95). Packs include: 12 bags, 2 packs of color-coordinated tissue, and either 12 personalized stickers or 10 yards of personalized ribbon.

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I love personalizing the wrap by selecting my daughter's favorite colors for bags and tissue (orange and pink)--it makes gift giving more exciting. We picked cupcake stickers for our set (they come with three lines of personalized text). Boys might opt for a pirate skull or soccer stickers. And unlike a card attached to a box, stickers won't get separated from the gift at the party.

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