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I just posted about Sarah Caron and her quest to fit a workout into the day. For this busy mom, keeping a calendar is essential to making sure I keep my workout time on track. BusyBodyBookWall Calendars and Organizers are a great start.

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Built for over-booked moms, the week-by-week wall calendar helps moms plug in the schedules for every member of the family (well up to seven people). My favorite item from the collection is the BusyBodyBook Fridge Grid Pad(12.95). Post it the fridge--the central hub of most homes--and no one will have an excuse for forgetting picture day, ballet recitals or Mom's standing appointment at her yoga class.

I find if I write down my fitness sessions as an appointment I am more likely to keep them. These family calendars are excellent tools for families trying to juggle activities. The one problem with this is that you'll have to update it each week with similar information. I'm hoping they create a white board version that can be a permanent fixture and require fewer updates. Order on Amazon or directly from BusyBodyBooks. Calendars run on the school year and on the January-December calendar year.

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