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Getting Organized with Planners from Filofax


My daughter is starting pre-k this year. We are really excited for this new routine as well as her regular dance classes that she will continue this year, and my baby (who is already 14 months) will be taking a music class. It is crazy that they have schedules at such a young age, but that is the reality of living in NY. I am setting an example by getting organized with planners from Filofax.

Personally, I also have work events, weekend activities and playdates that are a regular part of our routine as well as occasional doctor or dentist appointments and regular trips to the grocery store to fit in. To stay organized, I like to both write out my plan for the day on paper and then look at my schedule that I recorded on my phone. I still love the idea of writing everything out and having my hand-written notes to track to my schedule.


I have recently been staying even more organized by getting everyone in my family on the same page by outlining or day in my new Domino Personal Organizer and A5 Refills from Filofax. Founded in 1921, Filofax has been the pre-eminent name in luxury personal organizers. I was so excited to receive my deep purple binder-style organizer that was packed with sheets for the basics (calendar and address page) and unique essentials for a modern family from the refills where you can fill in your travel itinerary, birthdays and anniversaries, lists for party planning, shopping lists, chore lists, to-do lists, and much more.

Packed with over 330 pages, this is an amazing organizational tool allows you not only record your own schedule, but you can add everyone's schedule, which I found ideal for days when the kids had doctors appointments or when we could both write out lists of what we needed at the grocery store. It is also a wonderful tool for our babysitter who has a clear listing of all of the emergency contact information, doctors, and meals. I also love that the refill includes separate pages for budgets, vacations, party planning and much more - so that you can have everyone's schedule recorded in one place. This is also a great resource for families to know that vital information is located in one place that everyone has access to.

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Aside from the many practical features, I also loved the chic design of the organizer that was covered in a fun deep purple. They also offer organizers in black, red, chocolate or red and they are sold with a different calendar refill and organzier fill (rule, note, contact page). The Family Organizer is a separate calendar refill that comes in one large A5 size that comes in leather and non-leather options. You can also value-bundle the Domino Organizer for $75 and the chic leather Finsbury organizer for $99.00.


They also have cute personal organizers where you can showcase some of your style using the models like the Petal Personal Organizer, Ostrich Personal Organizer, Engima, or the Chameleon.

As a way to stay organized and on top of both your own and your family's schedule, I loved the numerous sheets of information available in the Filofax organizer that make planning effortless, easy and even fun.

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