FishClips: The Cutest, Strongest, Funniest Chip Clip


My girls spotted my new FishClips and decided they were toys. I find the magnetized FishClips on our radiators (since our refrigerator is not magnetized) and in their playroom among their Barbies and princesses. But, although they make fun toys, FishClips have a job to do for me!

FishClips' jaws open wide and close tightly to seal a bag of chips, rice, coffee beans- you get the message. This is the only chip clip on the market that is designed to let you twist the bag tight before clipping for an air tight seal. FishClips can tame computer cables or any abundance of hanging wires, hang on key chains, pack friends and I bet you'll discover a few more uses of your own... if your kids don't grab them first!

But, most of all, FishClips are really funny. I love how their mouths chomp down on things. Why would you ever buy a plain old chip clip again?


FishClips are also magnetized and can hold post notes or photos on the refrigerator.


FishClips were created by Shrockie, a cool company that designs products for the home and for kids that are pure fun. They take pride in their designs and ensure that only the highest quality materials are used.

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