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I love to put label on things. Names, dates, sayings. I have no idea why I'm so into personalizing my items. You're talking to a woman who has "Mine. Mine. All Mine." engraved on the back of her iPad. Nope. No control issues here. Not possessive at all. What?

You have to understand, and I'm sure you do, how labeling anything and everything that's associated with our daughter is a necessity more than just an obsession. Coats, shoes, clothes, lunch boxes, her thermos. Why oh why can't she ever come back with what she left with, unless she has her name on it? As Depeche Mode sang, "grabbing hands grab all they can.'" I doubt they were talking about misplaced lunchboxes during a hurried cleanup time. But they could have been.

I've begun to press the issue, making sure that everything she takes to school or to a friend's house or to the summer camp program is labeled. Good thing Emily Press is pressing the same issue. They just introduced super cute eco-friendly reusable labels. These labels are restickable and removable without the sticky residue. They're water resistant and phthalate- and lead-free, and you can stick them to anything that's leaving the house that you hopefully want to return.


To care for them you can just wipe them with a damp cloth. If you prefer dishwashing, remove the label and stick it to a smooth clean surface like your fridge or dishwater. Then just restick them after the wash.

They come in their own 47-label booklet of three sizes, so you have them all in one place (sticker rolls to me are very annoying). And since they come in a thin design, you're getting the point across (this is mine) without screaming it with thick labels (THIS IS MINE!!!). Designs are adorable, like monkeys, stars and splashes. My favorite are the owls, shown above.

Now everything is labeled. Label me a happy mom.

Emily Press Reusable Labels are available at emilypress.com for $19.95-$21.95.

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