Clamp Down on Clutter in 2010

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Loved this four-step process to organizing that Ikea sent out:
1.) Start with small steps: Break the job down into individual projects (i.e. clean out the pantry of medicine cabinet). Pull all the items out of the space and clean or paint the area.

2.) Merge and Purge: Make tough decisions. Donate items that no longer are used, don't fit or are out of date. Recycle instead for tossing out whenever possible. Clean and repair remaining items and sort according to function and category.

3.) Count and Contain: Determine the number of items of each category. Be sure to allow for additional storage room if the collection will grow (like shoes or CDs) then select the ideal container for the items.
4.) Enjoy the Calm: Surveys show that the desire to conquer clutter is top of mind when peopl express the need for a feeling of serenity.

Want more great tips? Momologie has a terrific post-holiday clean-up primer. They even have links to tell you where to recycle your Christmas tree.

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