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We have a really unique school situation this year. My daughter goes to both a coop school with six other that she has been in since she was 18-months-old and then at noon she goes to "big kid" school for pre-k. She loves both of these situations for many different reasons, and I love that she is slowly getting used to the structure of school while still having her laid back coop. Being that the coop is funded by the parents, we put all of our funds together throughout the year to cover everything from snacks to trips to the city to supplies for the school. This includes tons of art projects where I love to see the collection of projects that my daughter brings home. It is also incredible to see how they have changed throughout the years as she is now starting to write and make visuals with people's faces.


A one-stop shop to locate all of your art needs is through Blick's Art Room Aid, an online resource that was created to connect art educators (who share project ideas and funding needs) with arts advocates (who can make contributions to projects in need that resonate with them). Through this model educators and childgivers can request supplies for a project that they want to complete in the classroom, and in turn have the community, friends, or family members support arts education. They can then create a supply list by picking items from and then publish it so that sponsors can make contributions. Teachers can also use the power of social media via Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about their projects and supply needs.

To start, we had to create a simple profile and a supply list in the Blick Art Room. Then my daughters teacher and I went through the website as she spoke about some projects that she was interested in doing with the kids over the course of the year. This included everything from tissue paperposterboardconstruction paperpaintswood crafts and so much more. We decided on some basics by choosing construction paper for day-to-day coloring and drawing and some pastels. For the winter, she wants to do more clay work with them, so we added that to the list along with some papier mâché kits and basics for everyday use like markers.

After I added in the supplies, I picked a gift deadline date. I then added our shipping details and created a thank you to prospective people who would be providing a gift. The project was then published where I could share it via social media, email it to parents, PTOs, businesses or even post a flyer about the importance of Art Education.

Through the Art Room Aid, I learned how to assist with the needs of my daughters' school and educate friends and family both on and offline about the significance of arts education in the classroom.

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