White Rabbit Night Light

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This White Rabbit Night Light is sure to deliver sweet dreams. Victoria Sullivan has simply gorgeous gifts for your child's room at her online shop White Rabbit England. I met her at a small designer event and swooned over the quality of her wares.

These nightlights have been designed by sisters Victoria and Charlotte. I love them for the timeless designs and because they create just enough light in the nursery to reassure a toddler. They are made in earthenware and partly handpainted. For boys--Boys Toys Mushroom Nightlight with dots on top and below all the things little boys love: robots, planes, and rocket ships is ideal.

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A perfect accent for a little girl's room is the Dewdrop Toadstool Nightlight. Dewdrop the Fairy is certain to be a hit this holiday.
All lamps $75. US Shipping is available.

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