Green Parenting Tip: Lead Testing

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What are the best paint options for a nursery? A few weeks ago we talked about avoiding VOCs in design.  And we learned that the best best is a Zero VOC formula. While on the topic of green paint, I want to also talk about lead testing. Lead paint is still a serious threat to children. Before you take on any renovations--especially in the nursery, make sure you know what you are dealing with.
According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, "Eating paint chips is one way young children are exposed to lead. It is not the most common way that consumers, in general, are exposed to lead."

Some effects of lead consumption in children:

* Brain damage and lower intelligence
* Behavior and learning problems
* Hyperactivity
* Impaired speech and language
* Kidney and liver damage

Lead test kits are available and should be used before moving into a new home or taking on a renovation. After you've dealt with the lead issue, it's time to move towards a safer interior. There's a booming business for all natural paints. These are paints made from plant materials and are water based. One company is using milk proteins, another is plant and mineral based and offers durability. It's exciting to see the progress towards greener interiors.

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