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Isn't it ironic...when your family expands from two to three you sometimes feel more alone than you did before you became a parent. Soho Parenting has groups for moms and dads that address all the joys, fears, fun and concerns of parenthood and give newbies a network to navigate these uncharted waters.

For Mom there is the New Mother's Circle. Soho Parenting has developed an eight-week program for mothers and their babies, ages 1 to 9 months. The group is a place to honestly discuss the tremendous changes new motherhood brings. Friends of mine forged amazing bonds from this program and still rely on the women from this group four years later. The group discusses topics such as:

* Sleep
* Co-parenting with your partner
* Feeding
* Work and Identity
* Becoming the Mother You Want to Be
* Separation Anxiety
* Choosing Childcare
* Infant Massage

For Dad there's the Soho Dad's Group an ongoing group for fathers. This is a forum to discuss the many issues that men grapple with as husbands, fathers and family providers. Topics include:

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* The father you want to be
* Co-parenting
* Handling discipline
* Exploring your father's legacy

This group meets for 12 Tuesdays from 7:30-9:00 PM. John Carr, dad of three and LCSW, leads the group and shares his expertise in the area of fatherhood.

Soho Parenting

568 Broadway

Suite 402

New York, NY 10012

T: 212 334 3744

info [at] sohoparenting [dot] com

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