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Whether you've just peed on the stick and found out you're pregnant or you're 39 weeks in and ready to pop--either way MOMTRENDS has lots of juicy tidbits for you this month. February is devoted to moms-to-be (and their partners).

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One of the very first things you'll want to do is to start penning memories of your pregnancy. Don't wait to start recording your thoughts, because take my word for it, life is going to get very busy.

I'm knee deep in diapers right now and estimate I spend 4.5-hours breast feeding every day. If you've got it in you to hand craft a scrapbook--hey, more power to you. The rest of use artistically challenged mortals have to rely on sites like babysakes.com to give us what we need to make a great baby book.

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The Tummy Talk Pregnancy Journalis a great option for capturing all the moments from conception through birth. Inside the book are five tabs: Tummy Talk, Prenatal Progress, Weeks in Waiting, Showered with Love and It's About Time. Each section is packed with sweet graphics and space to record your journey through pregnancy. By breaking down the 40 weeks into small snippets, it seems less daunting to fill an entire book. This is a perfect new mom treat. Five colors offered. $69.95

For the less sentimental types, the Baby Briefcase is all business--baby business that is. As I stated earlier, late nights and many feedings can lead to having your house spiral out of control. The Baby Briefcase is a simple solution that may allow parents to keep a handle on at least one aspect of post-baby life. A clear portable caddy is packed with files and labels for all things baby: health records, photos, receipts, etc. 15 divided sections in all. Don't lose that birth certificate--stash it in its proper slot. I found the "Thank You Note Tracker' especially useful (and people marveled at how "together" I am to get notes out so quickly). Of course, something this clever was put together by a mom, Tamar Shay. Hat's off to this clever Harvard grad for keeping parents sane. $29.95

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