Chic Breastfeeding Pillow

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Breastfeeding just got even cooler thanks to the trendy new line of support pillows from Balboa Baby. The fabrics on these curvy wonders might even inspire you when it comes to nursery decor. The sophisticated prints will inspire you to proudly want to show off your breastfeeding gear. And we're all about making breastfeeding a trendy topic.

The $48 pillow's curve around moms body for a snug fit. Seriously, this puts my pink fleece Boppy (circa 2005) pillow to shame. With prints like the Suri(asisan floral), Vivienne (yellow brocade) and Geo (black deco print), you'll have yet another reason to look forward to feeding your baby.

Beyond beauty, these pillows have been developed with lactation consultants and medical professionals. The pillow's center is slightly hollowed--this design encourages correct feeding position by naturally rolling baby towards you as you feed.

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