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Hey Mom or Mom-to-be! How's that to-do list? Looking scary isn't it! Ok. Take a deep breath, I've found a a way to save ALL moms time. I tested out It's an online paper shop--just like the sweet stationery shops we'd love to spend time in but this one is open 24-7!

I was way behind on birthday cards, so I picked out a few. I love that I could add my own flair--photos, messages, fonts, you name it. The cards came out divine and they shipped super fast. Busy moms will adore the option to ship cards ADDRESSED and STAMPED. It doesn't get much better than that.

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Expecting moms should check out the Announcement section. Check out my fave here.Here's the best news MOMTRENDS readers save 20% off their orders. Use coupon code: NEWCS

And I couldn't resist checking in with one of the Moms at, Tiffany Chan, to talk about love, cards and family.

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Q: What images come to mind when you think of love? My favorites are candy hearts and cupids!We have a retro-cool set of Vintage Valentines coming 2/1. I also enjoy the fresh, modern approach of so many of our artists '?? unique and fun images like love sushi (see left) and heart-shaped umbrellas come to mind.

Q: What's the best card you've ever received?When I was in college, my dad gave me a card that said 'Reach for the moon, if you fall short, you may land on a star'.The card meant a lot to me, and over a decade later, I still have it framed as a reminder to set my goals high and never giveup.

Q: February is "Expecting Moms Month" on Momtrends, what are some special cards just for a Mom to Be? We recently launched a collection of Love Coupon Cards as an excellent Valentine's Day card (check out this "love coupon" I made for Mr.Momtrends --it took 2 minutes I swear!).. Love coupons are a great way for friends, relatives and spouses of Moms to Be to give creative and heartfelt gifts!I'm sure every expecting mom would appreciate a coupon for a free homemade meal, a foot rub, or even a Girl's Day Out for mani/pedis.

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Q: We all know new parents are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. How can this site help? makes it easy for parents to send personalized greetings for all different occasions, from baby announcements and thank you cards to birthday invitations and photo cards.Just choose a design, add your picture and customized message, and we'll print and send to whomever you like! The best part is we offer an address book where parents can store all their addresses, and with one click of a button, we send out your cards for you.No more addressing and stamping!

Q: How do you suggest first-timers play with this site? Go to and browse through our designs and personalize any card in a few easy steps.Or, take your favorite photo, and "Make Your Own" photo cards (editor's note: I did this and it was easy breezy). It's a great way to turn kids' artwork or your favorite landscapes into personalized stationery.

Q: Describe all of the fun things that you do in your Marketing Guru position at We just partnered with Jewels and Pinstripes, a company that sends gift bags to celebrities, so I'm busy putting together personalized thank you cards -- "stationery for the stars".I am also working on a new blog, as well as collaborating with our artists on TV-spots and press releases.The best part is that I get to create and send cards all the time, to help spread the word. I've always loved personalized cards, and at I get to play with cards everyday!

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