Scented candles were invented for moms. With the flick of a match, your home smells better and your mood lifts. When I've had a crazy day (like today when school was canceled and we hosted an impromptu 3-hour playdate), I like to start the evening off right. Maclaren sent me a new candle from the Maclaren line and it is burning beside me as I type.

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There are five scents in the collection--I opted for "Inspiring" (I do purport to be a writer after all). Hints of subtle citrus are soothing my weary mom brain. Aromatherapy is an excellent way for moms to unwind or recharge. Maclaren's collections ($25 each) are made of 100% pure organic essential oils and the natural soy/palm wax candle is lead free will burn up to 30 hours--that will cover a lot of post-playdate rejuvenation.

For all those expecting moms out there that have had to cut out wine, caffeine, sushi, etc., might I suggest this purchase as a little mood booster!

Momtrends was not paid for this review. Maclaren sent a candle for me to burn and enjoy.

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