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Baby's First Doctor's Visit

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Baby'??s first doctor'??s visit usually occurs about 3-5 days after you'??ve brought the baby home from the hospital (this will vary depending on any complications of the birth). It'??s a good idea to be prepared for this momentous event well before it occurs.

Start your doctor hunt in your second trimester when you'??ve got plenty of energy. Ask for referrals from friends who share similar parenting styles. If plan to take a traditional approach to medicine don'??t opt for the same doctor as your pal who shuns vaccines. You'??ll also want to research your health insurance coverage'??your plan administrator may have some suggestions.

Once you'??ve got a list together set up apportionments to interview the doctors/practices. Many pediatricians have an open house night for new patients. This is your chance to ask about the practice, see which hospitals they work with in an emergency, inquire about sick baby visits, and ascertain how to reach the doctor in an emergency.

When you'??ve picked a doctor, plug the number into your phone and tuck on of the doctor'??s cards into your delivery bag. You'??ll need to have your pediatrician's information available with your when you deliver the baby so baby's records will be sent to the doctor.

After the baby is born and you'??re back at home, call the doctor's office and set up the first visit. Don'??t worry about nabbing an appointment at a busy office. The office mangers expect new babies and leave slots open for the infant visits. I always picked the first appointment of the morning to avoid long waits and possible run-ins with sick kids. When it'??s time to head to the doctor, give yourself plenty of time to get there. This will likely be one of your first ventures out of the house post-baby and you'??ll appreciate not being rushed.

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Be prepared: Write down all your questions prior to heading to the doctors. When you head to the pediatricians office, plan to take a friend, spouse or grandparent. You'??ll appreciate having someone there to hold the baby or take notes'??you'??ll be tired and a bit dazed by the new parenthood gig. Keep a notepad handy--don'??t expect to remember what the doctor tells you. Take notes so you'??ll have an accurate account of the visit.

According to Baby here's what you can expect from the first visit:

'?¢ weight and measurement checks.
'?¢ inspection of the belly button and possibly the circumcision area.
'?¢ possibly give your baby a hepatitis shot.
'?¢ address any health concerns that she notices (diaper rash and cradle cap are common now).
'?¢ give some insight into your baby's development, feeding, and sleeping.
'?¢ check your baby's eyesight.

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