Mom's Five Second Memory Journal


My memory is shot most days. Thank goodness for reminders on my phone, digital scrapbooks and journals. Otherwise I might forget the big and little things that make motherhood meaningful and important. A fellow writer, Lambeth Hochwald has a special Mother's Day treat--this mini journal meant for moms that want to remember the small things and focus on the big picture.

The pocket-sized book can fit in any bag. Simply tote it along with you and then fill it in as the moments pop up. There's a prompt on each page:


This isn't meant for type-A moms who have probably hand-crafted a journal from hemp and are busy composing haiku right now while making scones from scratch. It's for the rest of us...we moms who buy our scones from bakeries and need all the help we cna get to make the most out of these memory-rich years. Buy on Amazon $10

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get a sample.

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