A Wedding Story

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Seven years ago Mr. Momtrends and I eloped. Back in 2003 we quit our jobs to travel around the world. A few months into the trip we secretly got engaged in Thailand and then on April 4, 2004 we were married in a private Buddhist in Bhutan (it's a really small kingdom in the Himalayas--don't feel bad if you've never heard of it).

After we called our parents (very expensive) we uploaded this wedding photo and emailed it out to all our friends and relatives. Amazing isn't it? Half a world away in a land that time seemingly forgot, we were able to find a very slow internet connection. With a little patience and resolve, we were able to share our joy with dozens and dozens of friends in an email that served as our wedding announcement.

As the trip continued (we were gone for about nine months from start to finish), we were able to keep in touch with friends and relatives and share a little of our life-changing travels. Email served as a journal during the journey. With time differences and busy lives, I've loved the addition of email. Some say it's impersonal. I say hogwash. As I re-read some of the email from my journey (I saved a lot of them in a file), I'm touched by the honesty I shared from all those little cyber cafes. The written word surely survives, it's just found a speedier way to get delivered.

As I pictured my friends heading to their inboxes on the 5th of April, I knew I'd be spreading joy across the land. My special moment was able to reach all of my six best friends on the same day at the same time. No, I didn't have bridesmaids or gifts, but I have a rich, powerful memories of my wedding and the sweet, thoughtful replies from my dearest friends.

I've saved all the well-wishes. They are in an on-line scrapbook and every now and then I click through them and travel back to the slightly cold and damp cafe where I banged away at an ancient keyboard spreading my news. Thank you technology for making the moment possible!

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