Laptops for Kids

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Why are we giving a little Momtrends lass a laptop this Christmas? Sure, we 100% believe in the power of imagination and tout No Batteries Required Toys whenever we can. However, we also know technology is here to stay.

Integrating tech that is fun and also provides a learning experiences is our goal. I think we've found that with the Oregon Scientific laptops for kids. Unlike the other laptop we reviewed today, this one is more of a learning toy than true connected device--and that's just fine for us now.

Here's what we're getting: TinkerBell Laptop ($68.45). We played with this laptop at a Toy Event in NYC this summer. It's got 30 activities that focus on: Alphabet, Vocabulary, Spelling, Numbers, Shapes, Memory, Music and Colors. She's on the cusp of reading and I think the audio component of this toy will be a help. We read to her all the time, but when she's in the car or plane, this toy will entertain her and maybe even fire up some braincells. And let's be honest--she's also completely nuts about fairies. Anything with Tink on it is pretty cool in her book.

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Another option also from Oregon Scientific is the Clone Wars version(only $29.99--I guess fairies sell better?). Same thing but with Star Wars as the theme.

Both toys are battery operated with smallish LCD screens (again this is more of a toy than a true laptop). And I like that the keyboard is the real deal--a great learning tool. It gives kids the feel of being just like mom and dad, without giving them access to the internet. It's a great place to start and ideal for kids ages 5-6. My sincere hope is that all these toys will soon be outfitted with rechargeable batteries. The laptop does ship with batteries, but I'd love for it to recharge just like my mac.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did get a laptop--it's under the tree.

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