Garth Brooks Trip to Concert Giveaway and New Single About Moms


There are people that love country music...and then there are Garth Brooks fans. His music truly transcends genres, and while I am admittedly a country music buff now, I got into Garth Brooks long before I really started to appreciate country music. There is something about his music that just touches your soul. And his new single, "Mom," is no different.


Anyone who has a mom or is a mother herself will be instantly touched by the beautiful message about a baby on his way to being born and preparing to meet the best friend he'll ever have...his mom. As the mama of two kiddos of my own, this song spoke to me like no other has in a while. Not only have I been blessed with the great privilege of raising two amazing little people, but I, myself, was raised by the most incredible example of a loving mother that anyone could possibly hope for. So, this song touched me two fold...both as a daughter AND as a mother!

If you haven't heard it yet, you can listen to a sample HERE and check out the whole album at the cool new music site GhostTunes. Visit this online music platform to gain access to millions of songs, albums and products from countless artists in a variety of genres. And you will be able to listen to your purchased music on any device that you wish. I'm already planning out my workout mix! Haha!

And there's more exciting news...In celebration of Garth Brooks' song "Mom," GhostTunes is giving away the opportunity to see a Garth concert, as well as hotel and airfare to one lucky mom and her guest! To enter to WIN and get all the fabulous details on this contest, head HERE!


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