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Newsflash? 80% of parents who go on family vacations say they'd prefer a non-theme park destination. Well aside from our awesome experience at Sesame Place, I'd have to agree with those findings. Travel Ticker, a travel website, sponsored the 2010 Family Vacation Survey...

The same study went on to show that 97% of parents who go on family vacations want a trip that both they and their children will enjoy. Hello, with many dual-income families relaxing trips are a must for family unity. Travel Ticker was surprised that 62% of families feel that the vacations end up being only about their children'??s preferences rather than their own. Momtrends thinks its time to plan vacations that are good for everyone in the family. My completely informal polling tells me parents want quality time with kids.While they are willing to spend on vacations, they want the trips to be meaningful and relaxing (which doesn't always fit with a theme park). We've come up with 4 travel trends for families:

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1. Adventure: Hike through the Appalachians or organize an amazing trip to Costa Rica. Camping has never been cooler. Eco-friendly locations are popping up all over. We love Costa Rica for the wild life, water sports and tropical climate.

2. Urban: Big cities are the perfect combination of education and entertainment, and they'??re sure to keep both kids and parents delighted. Domestically think Seattle, Chicago or NYC. Abroad, we pick Greece. Total financial meltdown aside--its a gorgeous country. Now's the time to plan a trip to see Athens and make the most of your travel budget.

3. Cultural: Inside the US we love Santa Fe. In Europe we think Italy has enough culture and excitement to satisfy the entire family. You know the kids will love the food (hello pasta & pizza) and mom and dad will love the architecture, shopping and music. Consider a house-swap with a family overseas to make this happen. Want to get exotic? Bali is our pick.

4. Cruises: Fun activities for you and the kids, plentiful food, and beautiful beaches that's all pre-planned? That'??s the magic of a cruise. From Alaska to the Caribbean Islands, there's bound to be a trip that's right for your family. More cruise lines are offering family entertainment. We're heading on a Celebrity X Cruise in July and will provide all the details.

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