Breast Cancer Awareness

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As part of our ongoing Momtrends Gives Back campaign, this month we're highlighting For the past 10 years, this non-profit has been dedicated to providing the most reliable and up-to-date information about breast cancer. They're a go-to resource for prevention, treatment answers and fundraising. There are many ways touches women's lives, let's focus on a few highlights.

First let's talk prevention. The site has a wonderful section titled Lower Your Risk. Every woman should read the Changes To Lower Your Risk. I can almost guarantee you'll find a few surprises in this section. Did you know that significant alcohol can be a risk factor? We all know alcohol can be unhealthy for your liver, but I didn't know the liver helps regulate estrogen levels in your system. So limiting your alcohol use helps your liver keep blood estrogen levels low. High estrogen has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer.

Taking Care of Your Girls is another amazing resource to come from Written by Marisa Weiss, the Founder and President of, this book is meant to educate moms and teens. Dr. Weiss co-authored this book with one of her children in the hopes of starting a conversation between mother and daughter. The book encourages girls to make wise choices for their own breast health future, including building healthy eating habits, avoiding smoking, and consistently exercising.

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For those already effected by breast cancer, has a new iPhone app. The Breast Cancer Diagnosis mobile app walks you through your breast cancer pathology report and other tests and information that you and your doctor will use to help decide which treatments are right for you.

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To get involved you can contribute to by attending the Harry Connick concert or by buying gear here. Get educated and support this month and every month.

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