What this Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day: A Night at the Movies


Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I was raised by the most loving and kind woman around and we are still inseparable, so I saw a great example of the kind of unbreakable bond that comes with motherhood. Until those perfect little people of mine came into the world, I had no idea just how much I could love. Not to sound too cliche, but as tough as parenting can be sometimes, it’s the best thing I have ever done or will ever do.

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That being said...this Mother’s Day I would love a date night with the hubs. Our family of four started as a duo after all and it’s so important to me that we remain as connected now as we were when we were a couple of carefree twenty-something kids. Haha! So, a little dinner and movie action sounds like an amazing way to spend Mother’s Day. And while I would cherish some quality time with the kiddos during the day, a night out with my honey is just what the doctor ordered!

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I will of course get to choose the movie...I mean it’s my day right? And my choice is obviously going to be the hysterical looking new film Mother’s Day in theaters April 29th. One of the first things that attracted me to my hubs was how much he made me laugh...A decade later and we’re still laughing as much as we used to...if not more. So, we’re all about a good comedy and this one looks right up our...ok maybe my...alley. But he’s a good sport and often enjoys the “chick flicks” I make him watch as much as I do. Just sayin’.

Three women. Three stories. This Mother’s Day, let go of your fears. Embrace the ones you love.

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What I think is so great about Mother’s Day Movie is how they focus on moms in different phases of their lives...which is real. I have friends who are in the toddler style thick of it like me...I have friends who are navigating the tricky teenager waters...And I have warrior mama friends who doing it all on their own. As different as all our experiences are right now, we all have one thing in common, we’re moms who love our kids more than anything. I think most parents will be able to relate to the Mother’s Day Movie families!




So, are you ready to add Mother’s Day Movie to your date night queue too? Get all the details on the movie in theaters everywhere April 29th, buy tickets and find a theater in your area HERE!

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