Mirror Mirror Movie Review


Mirror Mirror Movie Review

You've read the interviews (if you missed it, be sure to read my Interview with Armie Hammer and my Interview with Lily Collins) you've seen the trailers, now here's the moment of truth: how was the movie?

I'm a lover of fairytales, true love, and everything getting wrapped up in a pretty bow at the end. If you're the same, you'll enjoy the highs and minimal drama in this family flick.

Julia Roberts gives a deliciously evil performance as the wicked queen and Nathan Lane is simply fabulous as her stooge. While I would have liked to see more out of his character, it's clear this cast had no weak links. What can I say about Armie Hammer? Gorgeous, talented, and perfect as the prince--he gives the age old impression of "prince charming" new life and personality.

The dwarves are delightful and add comedy, sincerity, and their own brand of heroism. With their distinct personalities and monicers to match (There's no Dopey or Sneezy in this one-- but you do get a Butcher and Napoleon) they provide true entertainment.

I won't give too much away, but there are some things regarding magic and the mirror on the wall that creeped me out and slightly confused me. While the film is rated PG, and several children were in attendance for the screening, I'm not sure kiddos under 10 would like the magic mirror aspects. As seen in the trailer, the queen emerges from what appears to be the ocean, which acts as a portal to the "magic" side. But several things are left unsaid and are left up to the audience to piece together. Normally I'd be ok with that, but since this is a film geared towards the younger ones, I wish it had been laid out with more clarity. There's also a nasty beast lurking in the woods which could give a little one the heebie-jeebies.

But all comes out for the greater good in the end and we even get to see an exquisite wedding complete with song and dance. The skills of Phil have passed down to Lily as she belts out a Bollywood number for the finale. A little unconventional, yes, but with the costumes and set, it totally works.

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