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If you are like our family, you've seen your 529 and 401 dip precipitously during this recession (and yes I do believe it is a full-blown recession). But we parents don't have time to fret. We've got butts to wipe, lunches to pack and Halloween costumes to sew. This month I'm going to focus on two themes, the first is taking charge of the family finances (the other is more fun--parties!) so you can get back to your life.

Here we go. Since the House and Senate are mulling over our country's financial future, I thought I'd send along two ideas to help you manage your family budget.

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The,, Buzzillions and

And if you need daily inspiration to take charge of your finance, check out My Money Matters: Tools to Build Peace of Mind & Long-Term Wealth. Personal finance expert Galia Gichon offers 26 tip cards (and a stand). Pick a card for the day or week, prop it in the stand and take action. Plus, six workbooks to help you get a grip on your finances. $19.46

Here's a sample:

It's not how much I make; It's how much I save.

Flip the card for tips:

  • Find a bank with an ATM near you to avoid fees.
  • Use the ATM one time per week.
  • Sign up for overdraft checking. Its saves tour credit and prevents you from bouncing checks.
  • Don't buy securities through your bank. They over charge and don't have a good selection.

And don't forget to check back tomorrow when we announce the September contest winners!

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