Home or Away the B-day Quandry


I asked my friend Pam Wolf, the momtrepreneur and founder of New York Kids Club to help a mom out and compare the costs of two types of parties. NYKC is New York'??s premier children'??s enrichment center. They offer classes, camps and birthday celebrations (older daughter loves ballet, the baby does gym). NYKC is ideal for apartment dwellers like me to throw a birthday bash for my kids.

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Here's what Pam had to say about the Home vs. Away issue:

Determining whether to celebrate your child's birthday at home or at an outside venue is an age old parenting quandary.As a mother of 4 having celebrated a combined total of 54 birthdays between my children, I have extensive experience hosting both inside and outside the home.

The average New York City birthday party for a group of 10 children held outside of the home costs approximately $1,000. This amount typically includes a package featuring invitations, organized activities, pizza, cake, balloons, beverages, paper goods and party favors.

Pro: Hosting outside your home offers a variety of creative and unique venues and themes for your child's special day. The New York Kids Club, for example, features 7 different types of celebrations: a Jump n' Jive party, Creation Celebration, Spectacular Science party, X-treme Birthday, Karaoke party, Culinary Celebration and a Hip-Hop Happening.

Momtrends pro: No clean-up--whooo-hooo! And minimal effort and a staff that is expert at getting kids up and moving and involved in games and activities.

Momtrends con: The cost.

A party held at home, including entertainment, costs approximately $500.

Pro: Hosting inside your home often times offers a more socially intimate gathering for guests.

Momtrends Pro: Mom can get creative with decor and menu.

Con: It also, however, comes with the added responsibility of set-up, clean up, organization, ordering and overseeing.

Momtrends Con: Ever seen what chocolate cupcakes can do to a light-colored sofa?

The final verdict: select the option that you are most comfortable and excited about and your child is sure to love their special day.

To read more of Pam's musings check out her blog PamLet'sGetDowntoBusiness. It's all about making a success of your small business. Check it out!

Any other advice from the Momtrends community to control or budget birthday expenses?

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