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Peapod's Simple Grocery Store Savings Tips

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Simple Grocery Store Savings Tips

Simple Grocery Store Savings Tips: Everyone is trying to save money by cutting back on unnecessary items. But buying healthy and nutritious food shouldn't have to stop just because you have to cut back a little.

There are little cost-effective things like creating meal plans, learning more about your grocer's circular and creating a shopping list to have a plan of attack when buying food. Momtrends recently learned more about how to save money on our next grocery store trip from through their cost-effective tips - including how to plan and use social media when buying food. Here are some of their tips:

Momtrends: How can consumers plan for their weekly shopping?
Peapod: Always use your grocers' weekly circular to find the best deals that week and plan several meals around them. If chicken breasts are on sale, create a simple chicken dinner one night and use the leftovers for chicken quesadillas the next!

Momtrends: What are some tips to help consumers shop smarter when buying groceries?
Peapod:Shopping smarter for most people means staying within your budget and shopping for healthy foods. Creating a list by looking at circulars, sales and recipes before you start shopping is the most effective way to shop smarter--the challenge is sticking to your list! If you shop on Peapod, you can easily find the thousands of weekly specials by clicking on the Specials tab.

Once you have placed a few orders, Peapod's handy "My Specials" option spotlights all of the items you've previously bought that are on sale this week - a cherry picker's delight! Peapod also makes it easy to sort items in a category by unit price (or by nutritional attributes like fat, calories, sodium, fiber, etc.) so you can easily find the best values on a shelf - from both a financial and nutritional perspective.

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Momtrends: What are the best items to freeze?
Peapod: Freezing leftovers is always a good way to save. Packing food in small containers allows the food to freeze faster, so it will taste fresher when it's thawed. Fruit is also great to freeze, especially in the spring and summer! If melon, mango or berries are almost overripe and you don't think you'll use them, try freezing them and adding to a fruit smoothie for a delicious & nutritious snack or meal.

Momtrends. How can consumers use coupons to save money?
Peapod: It's important to know how your grocers' savings programs work. Once you know their rules, you can combine them to pay the lowest possible prices for your items, like using two coupons with a "buy one, get one free" deal or doubling-up on manufacturers coupons. Signing up for store newsletters and becoming a fan of your favorite grocer on Facebook are other great ways to save, newsletters and brand pages are packed with recipes, information about promotions and coupons.

At Peapod, manufacturer coupons up to $.99 are doubled and there's a direct link to coupons in the Specials section of On the Peapod Delivers Facebook page, there are coupon codes, promotions and tips to save each week. Every other week Peapod offers a FANtastic deal which provides a $5 discount on purchases of a group of items and every Tuesday we offer a deal on Twitter.

Momtrends. How can consumers extend the life of their produce?
Peapod: Extending the life of produce can be a little tricky, as it's different for every item. For example, asparagus, which is at its peak in spring, can be kept in the refrigerator for up to five days if you wrap the bottoms of the stalks in a damp paper towel and place in a paper bag stored in the crisper or if you stand the bundled stalks in a bowl with about an inch of water.

If you know which fruits and veggies are in season, you can pick the freshest produce at a decent price, but with perishables, it may be better to buy less to waste less.

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