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Financial Resources for 2015


Does your New Year’s resolution involve taking charge of your money? Busy moms need quick, practical advice that they don’t have to spend all day searching for. From the latest in apps to financial resources, here is how you can get organized with your money in 2015.


The Sense: This new weekly email blast provides practical financial tips, is breaking through the stereotypical approach to personal finance. Designed to be concise and edgy in both look and lingo, The Sense’s weekly emails are designed to educate, empower and engage women of all ages and all levels of financial knowledge. With a weekly email sent every Tuesday morning, 52 topics will be addressed each year with topics ranging from financial planning-related advice to investment education. Every email issue can be read or listened to, depending on the preference of the subscriber. Since launching in December, The Sense has amassed over 1,200 subscribers and the initial response has been overwhelmingly positive.


GoBank: Better budgeting rises to the top of the list for many Americans (in fact, a record 54% reported this as their resolution in 2014) so I wanted to share some info on GoBank – an app that brings banking to the checkout line in Walmart, making it easy to pay a bill, deposit cash or check your balance without adding another thing to your to do list. GoBank accounts are sold exclusively at Walmart, can be set up in a matter of minutes. Once purchased, members simply download the GoBank app and they’re banking on-the-go without even stepping foot in a bank! An integrated mobile and retail bank, GoBank users can quickly and easily manage their budgets thanks to features including:

  • Deposit cash right at the register in Walmart avoiding an extra trip to the bank
  • Not sure if something doesn’t fit your budget? Ask GoBank’s in-app fortune teller to check your budget and tell you “buy Prada” or “buy nada”
  • Quickly access your balance with GoBank’s “Slide for Balance” on the app’s login screen
  • Save money in GoBank’s integrated “Money Vault”
  • No worries about overdraft fees

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CouponMom: Save money at the grocery store by checking out the country's largest grocery deals website with over 7 million members. The website and blog provide weekly grocery and coupon “deals lists” for over 60 grocery and drugstores chains in all 50 states. Membership is free and the site offers tutorial videos for the beginner with step by step directions to achieve fast and smart savings. has been around for 14 years and they know stocking up on grocery items is one strategy to cutting grocery bills, but it isn't necessary for a typical family to have extreme stockpiles. Items expire and they also cost money, even when they are a good deal. Nelson says, “Change your shopping mentality: instead of buying items when you run out, watch for bargain prices on products you want and buy them when they are on sale.” The key is to focus on meal planning and set a spending limit using the "Strategic Shopping” method. This method combines sale prices with store promotions and coupons, helping any shopper achieve dramatic savings on healthy items their family needs. The website offers a “Grocery Deals by State” section which includes deals at thousands of supermarkets across the country.

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