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Holiday Entertaining with Momtrends

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Yesterday, Momtrends kicked-off the holiday season by hosting our third annual Holiday Entertaining event at the exclusive New Traditionalists showroom in NYC. The stunning showroom was filled with furniture pieces that were hand-crafted by the New Traditionalists where guests were able to enjoy a apple cider cocktail with Pearl or some wine from Wine by Wives and walk around the space. Featuring custom tables, gorgeous beds, and luxurious couches, the space was the perfect location to showcase our favorite brands for the holidays as well as a way for our guests to enjoy this intimate entertaining event.


After some mixing and mingling, Nicole kicked-off the event by talking about method and how they are a great addition to any home thanks to their stellar seasonal designs and packaging, eco focus and incredible smells. Nicole also suggested to have the products in each room where you will clean (bathroom, kitchen, etc) and to place some of them on display for your guests. method suggested some tips for holiday cleaning where they noted to focus on straightening up common areas where guests will hang out and to replace hand towels in the bathroom, light a holiday-scented candle if the room needs freshening, and close the shower curtain if the tub is littered with bath toys.


Up next was David Harris from the New Traditionalists who spoke about how the company started with the high-quality furniture from and now includes a stunning collection of furniture and more that were all featured in the showroom. Handcrafted in Connecticut, the customers can visit the showroom themselves and customize their perfect piece of furniture. While looking through the showroom, I was struck by the elegant and classic pieces like sophisticated side tables, gorgeous cabinets for dinnerware, sleek desks, dressers and stunning beds. He also spoke about holiday decor and stated that you should look for inspiration, color and to keep it simple. He noted that you can focus on a small section for the holidays, and that you don't have to go crazy and decorate every single room.



Dawn Sandomeno and Elizabeth Mascali, co-founders and owners of Party Bluprints Inc. and authors of Plan to Party, were up next as they showcased a gorgeous dining rom table for holiday entertaining. Featuring a white palate, the table included silver goblets, a white tablecloth, white dinner plates and a focus on hanging objects above the table by using a chandelier to add dimension. Dawn also noted that buffets work great for holiday entertaining where she demonstrated a table that was filled with seasonal decor with elements of nature. She noted that you can also enhance seasonal decor items like Christmas mittens to add silverware. They also noted to use what you have and that simplicity is beautiful.

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Guests then heard from Loren of Loren's Sweets who spoke about her delicious selection of treats. The beauty of these desserts is that they are ready-to-bake and are made with 100% whole grains and natural sweenters. They also include no preservatives and have no dairy in them, so kids can enjoy a healthy and pure cookie. Loren also suggested getting kids involved to personalize their own cookies for the holidays by adding sprinkles, chocolate chips and even cutting them into cute shapes.


Guests then learned all about fashions for entertaining with Nicole who took us through a display, which included Terra New York (rain coats), Catimini, Kickers shoes, Bensimon, mimivail, and the chic Kempton & Co bags. The Terra New York coats were incredibly lightweight and fashionable for moms on-the-go while the fashions from Catimini are gorgeously constructed and provide stellar clothing for kids. 

For shoes, we loved the stylish and high-quality shoes from Kickers and the fashionable tennis shoes from Bensimon with favorites being the super cute golden and floral sneakers. Guests also loved the chic collection of bags from Brooklyn-based designer Kempton & Co. Featuring sturdy and high fashion bags with an integrated padded pouch for iPads and computers, the bags are beautifully constructed and they also hang with hook on any stroller.

We also loved the classic looks from mimivail, a brand that celebrates fashion for girls. Featuring elegant and timeless dresses, the brand also gives back and has partnered with charities like Life that Gives Heat and SUBBI by working with women in Uganda to make bracelets that accompany the dresses. This allow a sustainable source of income for these women, that in turn, empower their girls.


To wrap-up the evening, Nicole shared some her favorite things for the holidays from the following brands:

We also incorporated giving back to this stunning entertaining event where 50% of the guests gave used coats and diapers that were donated to Baby Buggy, a non-profit that provides new and used baby gear and clothing to those in need.

From stylish invitations and floral arrangements to table design, home decor and sweet desserts, guests were armed with the confidence, expert skills, decor and gift ideas, and knowledge to host a sensational party this holiday season.

This was a sponsored event put on by the Momtrends event team.

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