Supper Club: Mommy Time Monday


I absolutely love it when I find a new way to spend '??mommy time,'? my most recent being part of a Supper Club. This is not your grandmother'??s supper club I am talking about, it is a group of nine smart, hip moms who love to talk, eat, and laugh!
Conversation is never boring at this table occupied by an economist, a general contractor, a professor of accounting, an interior designer, a musician, a jewelry designer, a writer, and a graphic designer.

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The club formed as a result of one member'??s idea to stay connected with the people we meet along the way rather than letting life, in general, send us in different directions. In our case, we met at our children'??s school where some graduated (from preschool) and others continued on, leaving the potential for lost friendships. We share our diverse backgrounds in both conversation and culinary delight.

This month'??s evening meal was held at a southern food restaurant (shown in the photo), where I ate the best collard greens ever! Our dinners usually begin around 7PM and end around 10PM, just enough time to catch up on all of topics important to females. We rotate and one person selects a restaurant each month and organizes the rsvp's and reservation (and in honor of the recession, a reasonably priced one). The best thing is, especially with busy schedules, that there is no pressure if you can'??t make it one month, another supper club will be held the next month. Finding time for yourself is important, so round-up some friends and do something fun, like a supper club!

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