Mommy Time Monday: Vancouver Thoughts

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Blogging has brought me many incredible opportunities. The most recent, a trip to the Olympics to work with P&G; on the campaign. When I first got the offer to head to Vancouver, I thought two things. One, that'??s a lot of time away from the girls. Two, this is a rare chance.

My Mommy Time was well spent exploring this world-class city, attending Olympic events and nabbing interviews with Olympians Picabo Street, Noell Pikus-Pace and Kristi Yamaguchi as well as a dozen moms who have come to see their kids compete in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games for Team USA.

While you'??d think the most magical moment of my trip would be watching our team march into the stadium for the Opening Ceremony, it wasn'??t. Don'??t get me wrong, you can'??t help but brim with pride when your team marches in full of hopes for glory. And I freely admit this mom shed more than a tear thinking about all the sacrifices that these young athletes made to arrive at that point. But that wasn't what I'll remember most.

Instead the moment that was most poignant occurred away from the crowds. Yesterday morning I went for a run along the Vancouver waterfront. It was early, and most of the revelers were still sleeping off a wild night of Canadian celebrations. In a quiet moment of reflection, I had a Mommy Time epiphany. I slowed to stare at the Olympic torch burning brightly, and I wanted nothing more than to share the moment with my husband and girls.

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That'??s the thing about well-spent Mommy Time. It reminds you of priorities and helps you bring your best self back to your kids. As for me, I wish for the athlete'??s moms all the best as the games continue, but it was time for me to go home. I trimmed the trip from five days to 3.5 so I could be back in NYC for a school break. In my ongoing search for balance, I knew where I needed to be. But I won'??t soon forget my moment to shine.

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