Mommy Time Monday: Urban Rock Climbing


I'm always up for a physical challenge. When I learned about a new indoor climbing facility in Brooklyn (read about Aviator Sports here), I made a rock climbing date with another blogging mom. There was a last-minute babysitting cancellation, and I had a choice--climb alone or try to reschedule. I'm so glad I didn't miss this chance. My report: Rock climbing is a fantastic sport for women and an excellent prescription for Mommy Brain.

For 30 minutes I had to completely get "out of my head"--all I could concentrate on was foot and hand placement. No worries about summer camps, doctors appointments and what's for dinner. Yes, the 35 foot wall was intimidating, but that was the best part. I left my comfort zone behind. It's not about muscling up the climb (which is why women are often more adept at rock climbing). Using my lower body and my brain, I plotted and planned the best route. A great workout? Sure. But the best part was the mental vacation.

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Next time I'm going to take my oldest daughter with me. I'll take any chance I can get to show her that women are simultaneously strong and smart.

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