Mommy Time Monday: Turning 40 in Style

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Over the weekend, I was treated to a little reunion with my six best friends from college. The first of the sorority sisters in the group turned 40 and we were there to celebrate. The beauty of it was, we all had to fly, train or drive at least 2 hours to get to the event and between the seven of us we have 16 kids. That means the husbands had to kick it into high gear.

They did and the night was a success. My Mommy Time was spent catching up with my BFFs, knowing that back at the ranch everything was A-OK. To commemorate the evening, we laughed too loud, danced too late and probably drank too many glasses of bubbly.

No, the house wasn't spotless when I got home and yes, the girls probably ate too many goldfish crackers, but a girl's got to kick up her high heels every now and then and party like she did when she was an undergrad at Vanderbilt. Cheers ladies.

For all you moms contemplating a weekend, night or afternoon away, take my advice and DO IT. Friendships cannot be neglected and you'll always want your girlfriends at your side as time marches on.

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Vanderbilt did not pay for this post, but they did provide me with the six best friends a girl could ask for.

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