Mommy Time Monday: Spa Time

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Most moms don't have the luxury of visiting a spa on a regular basis. Many moms DO, however, have time for a trip to the local nail salon for a bit of "Me Time." I've been known to swing into my neighborhood Dashing Diva salon for a five or ten minute back massage after Monday morning drop-off. The fee is something like $10 with tip--well worth it for a moment of calm.

The beauty of a local nail shop: The prices are not frightening, and the settings are often quite convenient. Plus, unlike fancy spas (and don't get me wrong these are lovely too, if you can swing a regular session do it!), I can pop in without notice.

This picture was from an event last week hosted at the Soho House in NYC. This time the massage was free. Del Monte was celebrating the launch of their new Fruit Chillers and invited some mom bloggers to attend (Kim, Lambeth, Amywere all there) and enjoy some pampering. I'm not much for frozen ice pops, but I did love the ten-minute massage and my white wine spritzer. My suggestion: Organize a little trip to your local salon for a bit of Mommy time once school is in...good for the economy and good for mommy.

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