Mommy Time Monday: Investigating Laser Treatments

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When Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists approached me about advertising on Momtrends, part of the deal was that I needed to visit the NYC location and do some research. My reputation and my readers mean the world to me and I didn't want to advocate anything that made moms feel anything less than fabulous. So I booked an appointment with Dr. David Goldberg to do my investigating.

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Dr. Goldberg and his team gave me a warm welcome. I came armed with questions and he calmly provided me with answers. He studied medicine at Yale and has an impressive list of affiliations and residencies--not to mention a slew of books to his name. Dr. Goldberg has a number of offices and is a specialist in laser technologies. It seems that if there has been a new development in the field of laser skin treatment, he's been involved. All in Dr. Goldberg has 70 different lasers at his disposal to treat cosmetic concerns.

But I wanted to know what he could do for me and readers like me. What do women in my age range (let's say 30-45) who've had kids and are not satisfied with their bodies want? Four things: reduce cellulite, tackle stretch marks, battle specific fat pockets and treat pigmentation issues. Dr. Goldberg has a NON-surgical answer for all these issues.

Cellulite: "No topical creams work," says Dr. Goldberg. These isolated areas of fat can be treated with lasers that will tighten the skin. He uses the Accent laser ($500-$600 per session) to get results.

Stretch Marks: The fraxel laser is a non-invasive treatment that will take care of most of the pigmentation issues. According to Dr. Goldberg, by treating the whiteness of the stretch marks and making the skin color more normal, the stretch marks become less noticeable.

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Fat: The Zeltig laser is new on the market (and it will cost you $1000 and up per session). It is an alternative to liposuction. This is surgery free "body contouring." According to Dr. Goldberg, fat is uniquely cold sensitive. This laser uses a cold laser to target the area and destroy fat cells. His FDA studies have shown the results last up to two years. You can see the before (left) and after (right) photos from Dr. Goldberg's work.

Pigmentation Issues: Sun exposure and hormones have done some damage to my skin. This procedure fascinated me the most. Lumixyl is s peptide that is applied to the skin along with microdemabrasion ($300-$400 per session)

We all have areas on our bodies that we are less than thrilled with. I believe diet and exercise are the first step towards improvement. I asked Dr. Goldberg when his services would come into play. His answer: When you've tried the traditional solutions and aren't getting the results your desire. And Dr. Goldberg's tips to keep your skin in great shape without his help? Use sunscreen and stay in shape. Moms who stay in shape before and during pregnancy have fewer stretch marks and cellulite and good old sunscreen with UVB and UVA protection will keep those pigment spots away.

None of these procedures are covered by health insurance and they can be quite costly. My recommendations:

1. Be confident that you want a change.
2. Do your research to find an excellent doctor.
3. Set reasonable expectations.

Then you are ready to visit a laser specialist.

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