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Mommy Time Monday: Baby Boot Camp

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Momtrends caters to moms with a can-do spirit. We love when a book provides, simple sensible solutions to our jam-packed lives. Kristen Horler, Founder of Baby Boot Camp is on her first book tour celebrating the launch of her new fitness guide targeting moms: Baby Boot Camp: The New Mom's 9-minute Fitness Solution. I was thankful to get an advanced copy of the book and for this installment of Mommy Time Monday.

All in, I found the photos to be colorful and well illustrated for beginners. Better still the book is quite easy to pick up and start exercising without devoting hours of research. Kristen approaches exercise with a healthy does of realism. She gives moms 9-minute workouts and doesn'??t expect us to fork over cash to hire a babysitter. Let's find out more...

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Why the 9-minute workout? Moms never have enough time. We will always find time for our children even if it means sacrificing our own needs. Don't have time to exercise? How can you argue with 9-minutes? In my book, Baby Boot Camp: The New Mom's 9-Minute Fitness Solution, each exercise takes 45-60 seconds to complete. You don't have to count reps or worry about sets, just complete each of the 9 exercises for about a minute. You can stack the routines and follow the cardio and stretching segments for a longer workout. It can vary from one day to the next and that's O.K.

You state that a quarter of moms experience carpal tunnel syndrome what can we do to strengthen our wrists?Physical and hormonal changes contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome, but many moms experience wrist pain and discomfort due to overuse. When you pick up your child be aware of the following:

* Which side of your body do your favor?
* Are your wrists relaxed?
* How long are you holding your child?
* How much does your child weigh?

These are all contributing factors to wrist pain and discomfort. You can alleviate the discomfort caused by holding your child on one side of your body by switching sides. Hold your child on the other side of your body for 30 seconds. You may find this to be challenging at first but over time you will build the strength to hold your child on either side, thereby alleviating many aches and pains.

You talk about scheduling workouts. What tools do you use to stay organized?I recommend scheduling your workouts just like a doctor's appointment. Put in on your calendar and show up for it. Every Sunday evening, review your schedule of appointments for the week. Schedule a daily workout, noting time, place and duration of your activity--then stick to your schedule. You'll have the highest rate of success if you schedule your workouts in the morning when the risk of potentially getting derailed is lower. I schedule my workouts using my iPhone calendar which is syncs with my Outlook calendar. This allows my office manager to view my schedule too so she can see when I will be in the office, at an off-site meeting or traveling.

When do you work out? I workout at 5:30 am so that I can be home to see my husband and kids off for the day or get an early start at the office. Scheduling my workout early means that I don't sacrifice family or work to take care of me. It also helps me stay disciplined about getting to bed by 9:00 pm on weeknights.

I think the babies will love getting involved in exercises such as Airplane and Supermom'??how did you dream these up?When my daughter was about a month old, I discovered that play time with her could be exercise for me, until she projectiled right into my mouth during Airplane. I decided that was not a good exercise after she ate.

There is a lot of talk of RPE. Why do you use this gauge?RPE stands for Rate of Perceived Exertion. I use this method of gauging heart rate to help moms learn to listen to their body's responses. Without the use of a heart rate monitor or any additional equipment, you can learn to gauge how hard you are working and when to push yourself harder or pull back on your effort and reduce your heart rate.

You say exercise is essential before, during and after baby'?¦why?Prenatal and postpartum women are highly susceptible to injury due to the vast number of physical and hormonal changes that occur in a very short period of time. Exercising will help alleviate many of the physical and emotional changes moms experience during the child bearing years.

How did you gain 65 lbs during pregnancy? How did you take it off? I'm pretty sure that I gained 65 pounds by eating Starbucks Maple Oat Nut Scones and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. During my pregnancy, I was working as a Personal Trainer in San Francisco, teaching three spinning classes a week, I hired a private pilates instructor for two sessions each week and I was walking four to eight miles a day. My body clearly needed to gain weight to support my pregnancy.

I love that your encourage moms to jump around from chapter to chapter. Did that happen organically? With children, it's challenging to find uninterrupted time. Baby Boot Camp makes it easy because 9-minutes is all you need!

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