Mommy Time Monday: A Walk in the Woods

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Today is a special Mommy Time Monday...because it is my birthday. On today's excursion, we happened upon this amazing farm that was covered in sculpture. Every barn and field had these gorgeous metal mobiles, chimes and structures. Most of them involved moment and a special few also provided music.

We're out of the city for the holidays and I am thoroughly enjoying this break from urban life. Out on our walk we had found this farm covered with art. The one pictured was my favorite, it tinkled and twinkled in the sun and wind. What a special birthday treat. When I got home I googled the address and found out it is the studio home of Tim Prentice--a world famous sculptor. Happening upon such beauty the best birthday gift a girl could ask for. Now what will the universe provide me next year when I turn 40?

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Mommy Time Monday is sponsored by Skin and Laser Solutions. Tim Prentice did not pay for this post.

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