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Mom Boss Interview Megan Tamte Evereve CEO

Mom Boss Interview Megan Tamte Evereve CEO

The best part of my job is hunting down trends. I love spotting what's new and sharing it with other moms. It's really my whole mission with Momtrends and my book Mom Boss. After empowering moms to be their best through my work, my second favorite thing to do is shine a light on other women. Which is why I think you all really need to meet Megan Tamte the Co-Founder of Evereve.

Mom Boss Interview Megan Tamte Evereve CEO

While our conversations have only been over the phone, I feel such a kindred spirit in Megan. When we meet in person, I'm definitely going to hug her. Last spring I made my first visit to an Evereve store. I was lucky enough to pop into the Flagship Store in Minneapolis. Stepping across the threshold I knew I was experiencing the future of retail.

Megan is a visionary. She has grown her brand from a concept to a women's apparel chain of 48 stores. In the process of creating stores that women trust and love, she's built a multimillion-dollar brand. That's a big deal!

A recent report by American Express Open reveals that only 9% of all U.S. businesses generate even $500,000 in annual revenue, and only 4 percent of women-owned businesses reach that threshold. What's more, only 2% of million-dollar companies are led by women.

Megan has not only well-surpassed that mark, but she employs 70 people at her home office in Edina, Minnesota. She's done it with a team that recognizes moms were being underserved. Their target customer is US - they want moms to feel great about their wardrobe options.

How it All Started

I asked Megan how big she thought the brand would get when she started, "I never thought I would even own a store." The concept happened when Megan became a mom. "I went shopping after I had children, I was struggling to find my place. I still wanted fashion. I wanted to fill that void." says Megan.

Like all good mompreneurs, she saw a gap in the market and filled it. "The heart of the brand is about the stylistic experience in the stores. I wanted a brand that would take care of moms," says Megan. And if you've been shopping lately you know things have gotten pretty bad.

I have had two recent disasters at large stores - both Saks and Lord & Taylor were dismal shopping experiences. Megan says she wanted a "store to make it easy for a mom to shop. We want it to not be overwhelming."

She nailed it. Not only are you greeted and SERVED, but you'll have fun. My sales associate was all about suggestions, without seeming pushy.

I also love that Megan isn't afraid of change. The stores were originally called "Hot Mama." Megan and her team underwent a huge brand re-do and came up with the fresh name and the fresh look.

Evereve Clothing

The Secret to Megans' Success

Megan and her team are great at identifying all the latest trends. But let's be clear, the focus of the brand is 100% on moms. Megan says, "Our buyers absolutely look at trends for the 30 to 50 year-old-mom...we ask 'is this a trend that mom’s need?" Amen. Because while I love short shorts and cropped tops, I'm not trying to look like a Kardashian.

Megan knows her customer, "This woman still wants to be modern and on trend." They have also kept a keen eye on pricing. They have lots of high/low premium denim at $200 and plenty of other options for cute clothes under $200. Tops start at $38 and work up and the accessories are especially well-priced.

Customer Loyalty

I talked to Megan about the retail slump I see all over NYC. Brands had to heavily discount items back in 2008/09 to recover from the recession. Most of them never recovered as customers were trained to shop sales.

In my neighborhood, I see so many empty stores. It's kind of depressing. Not Evereve. The energy is apparent as soon as you enter the shop. Megan says,"Everyone loves our service. Customers will pay full price because of the stylists. We don’t have to discount very much." Savvy move Megan!

Great Evereve Dress

Trends to Watch

Since Evereve is a boutique, they bring in many different labels to the store. Megan and her buying team are always on the hunt to find the best trends and assort them for busy moms.

For a look at how we styled a perfect dress from Evereve, check out this post. And be sure to follow the fashion trends on instagram with @evereveofficial and @megantamte

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I asked Megan to look into her fashion crystal ball and predict what will be hot this fall. "I am definitely excited about stripes and navy blue is my favorite color," says Megan. She's also swooning for all the feminine details that continue to be on trend. Head here on the Evereve site to see Megan’s latest picks here:

The Evereve Team

My visit into an Evereve store was illuminating. There were no bored teens manning the registers and checking their instagram feeds. Megan and her team find women who love clothes - they just happen to come in a variety of ages and sizes. "Most of our sales force are part time; we have 1300 people work part-time," says Megan. This is an ideal gig for a mom who loves clothes and serving people. "Our heart and soul are the stylists," says Megan.

When Megan was a SAHM she worked part time at Crate & Barrel. Similarly she wanted to give moms a great job and a way to earn extra money. If you are transitioning back to a career Evereve could be a great fit.

Mom Boss Interview Megan Tamte Evereve

Priorities for a Mom Boss

Whenever I get the chance to talk to another Mom Boss, I always ask about HOW SHE DOES IT. You know, how does she set priorities, what time does she get up in the morning. This was a big part of our conversation. I was especially intrigued since Megan is married to her the Co-Founder Mike Tamte. She's REALLY blending work and family.

Megan says, "When Mike and I started this business. I was not going to start a company for moms and not be a good mom. I got my priorities straight on what I was going to focus on: faith, family, and Everere."

Megan and I share the belief that saying "No" is extremely powerful. Megan says, "If something didn't fit, I got really good at saying no." Oh, I love this so much, but I wanted more specifics. I asked her how she says "No" to extra volunteering or projects that would stretch her thin. Megan says, "I would love to do that, but to be the best mom I can be, I need to stay focused on my priorities." Let's all practice saying this.

Megan was honest about what she gave up: "I said NO to being a perfectionist. And I said NO to a social life." Yes! I get this. Like Megan, I have given up much of my social life. Fortunately both Megan and I have figured out that we can be very social at work.

For the first seven years of Evereve, Megan says she did not work traditional hours. "I was in store all the time," says Megan.

Now that Megan has achieved success she has new goals and new priorities. Megan says, "My lift has shifted, my kids are older now. I am glad I said no." Her kids are now 20 and 17, and she's incredibly proud of "raising happy, healthy kids who have compassionate hearts."

Life looks a little different in 2017. Megan works 9-5:30pm., but admits, "Evereve never goes off." Although her time in the office may look traditional, her brain is hard-wired to keep building her brand.

Megan's Daily Routine

Megan is an early riser. She gets up 5am and spends an hour or more by herself. "I read, I pray, I write. I spend a lot of time just in quiet," says Megan. The CEO says her mornings are the "single most important hour of day."

"This hour fills me up and I come to work feeling fully alive," says Megan. I love that she is giving us all permission to work on ourselves and make self-care a priority.

Marketing to Moms

Marketing has changed and Megan is attune to this. She relies heavily on social media and influencers. They are leveraging local influencers in each market to help spread the word about the brand.

I love the social media feeds the brand produces. It's positive, pretty and fun. Check out this recent Instagram post.

evereve quote

Finally, I asked Megan for her final thoughts on her success, "I love what I do, Evereve has not peaked yet." I'm excited to watch the brand continue to grow and flourish. Thank you Megan for sharing your success with all of us at Momtrends.

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